Welcome to my site.

Hello and Welcome, this is Sayed Sudip Ahmed from Bangladesh. I am a Passionate Graphic Designer and a Content Creator.

Basically, I used to work in the Hospitality Management industry since 2008, particularly I was a chef and baker. Due to some physical issues, I had to change my profession back in 2015.

Then I started working in the Human Resource Development sector, and I worked there until the end of 2019. While working in HR, I was not comparable or I was not enjoying the corporate culture there. I wanted to do something creative instead of something repetitive.

At that time in 2020, I was thinking to choose a new profession, a kind of job that is close to cooking. Cooking is a creative job, that’s why if two-person cook the same dish following the same recipes with the same ingredients, the taste of the same food will be different. Because there are two souls and every dish we have has a soul.

So I choose Graphic Design, which is a creative job like cooking. In cooking, there are so many utensils and ingredients to produce good food. Similarly in Graphic Design, there are so many tools, applications, and software, by which we make our imagination to reality to solve a problem for the growth of a business.

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I also love creating content for my YouTube channel and blog.

I welcome you to connect with my thoughts.

Create things for a better life.

Sayed Sudip Ahmed